Why Email Marketing Isn’t Dead
From the invention of email in 1971, it took roughly seven years for email marketing to emerge. Even though a lot has changed since then, some people might say that it is an outdated, or even dead, marketing strategy. However, marketing by email is alive and well and continues to be an essential tool for businesses of all sizes. Keep reading to discover why this long-standing marketing method is not just effective but powerful.

Cost Effective

Marketing through email is highly cost-effective. Especially when comparing it to trendy advertising methods, this classic strategy generally remains low-cost, making this option very attractive for businesses wanting a great ROI without sacrificing a substantial amount of the yearly marketing budget.

It would be hard to find any other method that can directly reach a customer base so quickly and easily without also bringing with it a price tag that reflects that kind of accessibility.


Speaking of cost-effectiveness, without knowing what’s working and what’s not, it would be impossible to assign resources while maintaining a budget effectively. By tracking metrics such as open rates, CTRs, and conversions, businesses can see what is successful and what is falling short and, from there, plan a strong marketing campaign and make adjustments accordingly for the best results.


Unlike traditional ads or even social media marketing, sending a message to your customer’s inbox isn’t just convenient; it also presents the opportunity for highly customizable marketing. Putting a consumer’s name right in a subject line is a fantastic way to grab their attention and stand out.

Addressing your customers by name not only helps to build trust, but it also gives your marketing efforts the kind of personal touch that turns a consumer base from one-time-buyers to lifelong shoppers.

Convenient for Your Customers

You’re unlikely to find anyone that would argue that TV and radio commercials can be very effective. And they are as long as your audience is paying attention. Marketing with email? Not a problem. Your message, sale, or service advertisement will arrive in your shopper’s inbox, where it will wait patiently to be seen. As an additional bonus: Even after being seen, emails remain in an inbox and will serve as a reminder of your promotion. This leads us to…

Be Remembered

By sending emails on a consistent basis, businesses don’t just remind their audience of their company’s products or services: they stay at the forefront of a shopper’s mind. A steady stream of helpful and valuable information about your company will continually increase brand awareness. Sustained communication of brand awareness builds trust. Trust becomes loyalty. And loyalty develops into increased and repeated sales. Businesses with longer or seasonal sales cycles already know: brand recognition is not just important. It’s vital.

All-in-all, this marketing method’s cost-effectiveness, trackable metrics, customization options, convenience, and brand-building opportunities make it a must-have for any small business’s marketing toolkit. Get in contact with BCI Media today to start planning your company’s personalized marketing campaign with the internet’s oldest and very-much-alive advertising approach.